Hi. I’m Dr. Ken Hurt (I know, it’s a great name). I have been practicing in the dental profession since 1980. After graduation from West Virginia University School of Dentistry, I spent 3 years in the U.S. Air Force (yes, I fought the war against tooth decay). The next 7 years were in private practice in the little town of Belpre, Ohio. To me general dentistry was unfulfilling (bad pun), so I applied and was accepted into the Ohio State University Orthodontic Specialty Program. While there I obtained my specialty certificate, as well as a Master’s of Science Degree.

I found the practice of orthodontics even more exciting and fulfilling than I imagined. After my orthodontic residency, I moved to Albuquerque where I practiced with a nonprofit group for 2 years (a means of public service). I started my private practice in 1995. Possessing an odd and quirky, (at least I think so), sense of humor, I found I enjoyed writing commercials. Yes, I assume all responsibility for all the corny and not so corny commercials you have heard and seen. I thoroughly enjoy the practice of orthodontics. As I combine both art and science, my goal is to provide the best result in a timely manner. I love the interaction and conversations I share with my patients. When we work together and create a wonderful smile – it’s a wonderful feeling. I am very grateful for all that come to our office. Not only do we have patients, we create friends. Now you know a little about the funny face behind the funny name.