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We want to make orthodontic treatment as effective and convenient as possible, which is why we’re excited to offer our patients clear braces – the discreet alternative to traditional braces!

Braces – Without All the Metalwork

Clear braces use the same fundamental principles as traditional metal braces – they’re made of small brackets which are individually attached to the front surface of teeth, then threaded with an archwire that applies a gentle, constant force to gradually move teeth to new positions. But there’s one difference: instead of stainless steel, clear braces use a tooth colored composite material that blends in with surrounding teeth, making them far less visible than traditional braces. This means they have the same strength and reliability of braces, but they’re not nearly as noticeable!

Their covert and discreet appearance has made clear braces a favorite with adults and adolescents alike, as they offer the perfect option for busy professionals or socially conscious teenagers. They do come with a few drawbacks, however: they’re slightly more fragile than metal braces, and while the brackets themselves don’t stain, the elastics that hold the archwire in place do – so you’ll want to avoid drinking staining liquids like coffee, tea, or red wine. With proper care, you’ll have a convenient, discreet form of orthodontic treatment that gets you a brand new smile without having a network of metal in your mouth!