Metal or Traditional Braces

        For the majority of kids and teenagers the metal brackets are the most popular option.  They typically offer the most functional and efficient result.  Our patients also enjoy trying out different colors at each of their appointments.

Braces move teeth over time by using constant, gentle pressure.  Your braces will be at work every moment of your orthodontic treatment.  There are two main components of your braces: the brackets and the arch-wire.  The brackets are a small piece of shaped metal that is affixed to each tooth.  The arch-wire connects the brackets and is bent to reflect your “ideal” bite, or the way we want you to look after treatment.

braces smile

The arch-wire threads through your brackets and applies pressure to move your teeth. As the wire begins to return to its original shape, you will begin to see your teeth become straight!

In some cases you will be asked to attach elastics or rubber bands to your braces. The elastics will exert the proper force to create enough pressure to move the teeth.  For this force to remain at a constant pressure, elastics must be worn all the time and changed out every day.