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Everyone deserves to have a healthy smile that they can be proud to show off. However, many people shy away from straightening their teeth because they don’t want to have the mouth full of the metal that comes with traditional braces. This leaves their mouth more susceptible to tooth decay, infection, and even tooth loss because it’s more difficult to keep their teeth clean. Lucky for them, advancements in orthodontic technology have made it possible to straighten teeth, without the need for brackets and wires.

Invisalign Treatment Steps

Straightening Teeth The Invisible Way

The Invisalign System utilizes clear plastic aligners that are customized to fit your teeth. Dr. Dunn will use 3-D imaging technology to create a detailed image of your teeth, and determine the final, ideal positioning of your teeth and jaw. From there, multiple sets of aligners are created that will fit your teeth perfectly at different stages in the straightening process.

While braces are attached to your teeth at all times during treatment, the Invisalign aligners can be easily removed. Each set of aligners will need to be worn for two weeks at a time, and the total number of sets can range between 12 and 48, depending on how much the teeth need to be moved. While the aligners are designed to be easily removable, they should only be removed when eating, brushing, and flossing. The total time needed for treatment varies between 6 to 18 months. Just keep up with normal visits to see Dr. Hurt and you’ll have your perfect smile in no time! Check out the video below for more information about the Invisalign program.

Invisalign Teen

For the teens that don’t want to go through some of their most memorable and exciting years with unsightly metal braces, Invisalign Teen is the answer! This program is specifically designed to cater to the orthodontic needs of teens. The aligners come with a Blue Dot Wear Indicator, which fades as the aligner is worn so that parents and Dr. Dunn can make sure that they are being worn for the proper amount of time. This program also includes 6 replacement aligners, since they are more likely to be lost or broken due to the busy lifestyles of teens today.

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How To Get Invisalign

Only an orthodontist like Dr. Dunn, who has been trained and certified by Align Technology, can diagnose and treat using Invisalign. Schedule an appointment at Dunn Orthodontics and we’ll discuss whether Invisalign is the right treatment option for you. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have about the program, or any of our other orthodontic treatment options. Contact us by phone at (505)-897-2060 or email us at Families in Albuquerque, NM and the surrounding areas can just stop by our local office in the Bosque Plaza Area. All of us here at Dunn Orthodontics look forward to helping you obtain your new, radiant smile.

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Invisalign Teen

Invisalign® FAQ

How often must I wear my aligners?

A. You must wear your aligners for up to 22 hours daily. You may remove them for eating, drinking and regular oral hygiene.

Are there any restrictions to what I can eat while in treatment?

A. No. Unlike braces, you may eat whatever you like as long as you remove the aligners before eating. Prior to placing the aligners back on, it is important to brush your teeth and the aligners after you eat.

Will wearing the aligners affect my speech?

A. Like any orthodontic treatment, there is a short adjustment period. The more you speak with the aligners on, the quicker you will adjust.

Is there any discomfort with Invisalign® treatment?

A. There will be some pressure and minor discomfort for a day or two after each initial insertion. This is a sign that your teeth are moving sequentially into their final position.

Can I chew gum?

A. It is recommended that you remove your aligners prior to chewing gum as the gum will stick to the aligners.

Can I smoke with the aligners in?

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How do I keep my aligners clean?

A. Brushing them with toothpaste will keep them fresh and clean.

How often do I see an orthodontist while wearing Invisalign®?

A. Regular office visits are every five to six weeks. This will ensure that your Invisalign treatment is progressing as planned.

What happens after my treatment is complete? Do I need retainers?

A. All orthodontic patients are instructed to wear their retainers at night indefinitely. Sleeping with your retainers in at night will ensure a healthy bite and maintain the new position of your teeth.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

A. Treatment time varies depending on the severity of the misaligned teeth. Treatment time can be shorter than traditional braces, between six and 18 months.

Does Invisalign work for kids?

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