Surgical Orthodontics

Orthognathic Surgery

We treat most of our patients with appliance therapies like braces or Invisalign, but for some cases, we’ll recommend more involved treatments like orthognathic (jaw) surgery.

Jaw Surgery

We use corrective jaw surgery to treat abnormalities in the teeth, jaws, and facial bones. We generally reserve surgery more severe cases, where the abnormalities impair a patient’s ability to speak, sleep, chew, swallow, or perform other vital day-to-day activities. Using orthognathic surgery, we can actually restructure the bones in the face and mouth, solving these problems and improving the overall facial profile in the process.

Jaw surgery is a fairly involved procedure, but advances in orthodontic technology have made it a much simpler, more streamlined process than in days past. Using digital imaging technology, we can actually show you the benefits of the treatment before we perform it, and we use computer-assisted treatment planning to shorten the time needed to prepare for and recover from the surgery. We use cutting-edge materials like titanium plates and miniaturized screws for unparalleled strength and stability, improving the predictability of treatment. All of these advances help to reduce your prep time and post-surgery recovery time, making the procedure more convenient and letting you get back into your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Often, orthodontic treatment itself is enough to correct bite issues, and whenever that’s possible, we’ll opt to use regular orthodontics. Dr. Dunn will work with you to determine the best course for your unique situation, and we’ll take the time to discuss all of your options with you in complete detail.