Retainers – Nighttime For A Lifetime

When your braces finally come off, we know how excited you’ll be. Many of our patients jump up and down for joy – your teeth will be straight, smooth, and beautiful, you won’t have metal brackets or wires in your mouth any more, and you can finally eat whatever you want!

But don’t leave so fast – your treatment isn’t over yet! After your braces come off, you’ll begin the retention phase of treatment. This is a critical step lasting at least 24 months, and the longevity of your new smile is completely dependent on your diligence with your retainer. Without using a retainer, your teeth could move back to their original positions, erasing all of your hard work! Dr. Hurt will give you detailed instructions on when and how long to wear the retainer for. Remember to remove your retainer when you brush, and brush it clean before placing it back in your mouth. It may seem tedious after having braces for so long, but trust us – you don’t want to ruin all of your hard work!